Call for an Edited Book: Business Ethics: An Introduction

Call for an Edited Book: Business Ethics: An Introduction (Tentative title)

Call for papers for an Edited Book Date: 14/03/2016

Business ethics is one of the important aspects of applied ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in business environment. In other words, business ethics means the application of ethical rules and regulations in the field of business. It is applied to all forms of business. It is related to the conduct of individuals and business organizations as a whole. It is one of the emerging branches of philosophy in general, applied ethics in particular. Business Ethics deals with most of the aspects of a man and his obligations towards the customers, society and environment. One should be ethical while conducting the business. It not only deals with the individual, but also with the society, environment, animals and plants, etc. It also affects people from every walk of life.

Proposed Themes: Research papers are invited on the following topics or any other topic related to the title of the book

Ethical issues in business

Values in business

The working environment of business

The morality of business

Responsible advertisements

Corporate social responsibility

Philosophical approach to business

The safety standards of business

Format of Paper Submission:

Research papers are invited from faculty members and research scholars on the above areas of the topic or any other related topics. The paper should be typewritten preferably in Times New Roman in 12 font size (English), space 1.5 in MS-Word format and between 3000 to 5000 words. Name, Designation and Contact details of the authors should be accompanied with the paper on a separate sheet. Endnotes may be given instead of foot notes. The authors should send their papers through mail attachment ( The book will be published having an ISBN No. after plagiarism test.

Dead line: April 30, 2016




Email:,, 9777845321.

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