CFP: Genocide Studies International, Non-State Actors and Genocide

peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies and published by the University of Toronto Press, invites submissions for its upcoming special issue on “Non-state Actors and Genocide” (Issue 10.2).

Submissions might be articles, generally 5,000 to 10,000 words, or “Notes from the Field,” typically in the 2,000 to 10,000-word range, which provide information and analysis of ongoing events or new research projects related to the special issue topic.

A manuscript might focus on a particular case study, such as the role of one or more non-state actors before, during, and/or in the short- or long-term aftermath of a genocide or related process of mass violence, but submissions that treat the topic comparatively among multiple cases and/or produce generalized theoretical insights will be especially welcomed.  The term “non-state actor” might refer to non-governmental organizations and institutions; official and unofficial political organizations and groups; civic organizations; political and social movements; terrorist organizations; “deep state” networks; paramilitary or armed rebel groups; corporations; criminal organizations; educational, religious, spiritual, cultural, artistic, athletic institutions, organizations, and groups; and any other such entity that is not part of a national, regional, or local government or an international organization created by and comprised of state members, such as the UN and NATO.

Submissions from any academic discipline and from interdisciplinary perspectives are welcome.

The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2016.  Submissions and any questions should be sent by email to Hazel Cameron, at, and Henry Theriault, at  Manuscripts should conform to the GSI guidelines explained in the “Instructions for Authors,” at  Please note that only finalized complete manuscripts will be considered, and editors do not comment in any way on abstracts or drafts.

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