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Santpura, Yamuna Nagar
(Affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra)
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Organized by: Departments of English ,Life Sciences , Physical Sciences , , Hindi, Sanskrit & Punjabi
Sponsored by – Director General of Higher Education, Haryana, Panchkula.
Date – 29- 03-2016, Day -Thursday, Time – 09.30 AM
Place – Seminar Hall

Ms. Dilshad Kaur Mrs. Deepika Sharma Dr.Varinder Gandhi M.S.Sawhney
Convener Coordinator Principal Patron-in-Chief
Dear Sir/ Madam,
“Life” is not only an all inclusive word but also all exclusive too since it includes death or an end too. The dynamics of this word lies in its beginning, its process of evolvement, its development, different stages and levels; its science, philosophy, religion and literature which has fascinated human mind since ages but the question still remains unresolved to the entire satisfaction of reason and faith. The query regarding the origin of life has basically three reference points – 1. Is earth living or non-living?, 2. Is life a product of “chance” or gift of God? and 3.Is this wholeness of existence means manifestation of consciousness? Along with it we must keep in mind the fundamental question i.e. what life is or what life means otherwise we may end up creating a chimera due to the limits of language and human reasoning. Human mind can neither claim complete understanding of the vastness of infinity nor can it reason out satisfactorily what nothingness is. So with an open minded approach and a lot of patience, we need to understand, investigate, explore, unfold the mystery inherent in the concept “life” and an enquiry into this case from various point of views or perspectives is quintessential. If you think you are a scientist or rationalist then you may not be able to deal with the question of “why life at all” but for a God-believer it is so simple to answer in terms of “wish of Almighty” and if you think you are religious person then the problem of ‘rationale of life’ becomes difficult to handle as all men are born to die then why live at all and so on … There is a long list of arguments and counter arguments as they can help us to unveil the mystery that has shrouded the ‘origin of life’ and the word origin must be understood from a larger and wider perspective – how life manifested, emerged, evolved, produced or created (जीवन की उत्पत्ति, आविर्भाव, उन्मेष, अभिव्यक्ति,) and what we mean by life about which we wish to know and make enquiries. In this thought sharing seminar, we wish to make serious efforts to decode the mystery of origin of life simultaneously and let this issue be not hijacked by any one discipline i.e. science alone or philosophy or myths (please do not think myths to be untrue/ lie / fake/ non-real simply because their terms, concepts are not like science as science has its own limitations).
We may deal with this topic from any view point/ belief/ understanding / perspective but we must understand that there are two basic facts -1. the things which have been given to mankind without his any contribution and they are like – earth, air, water, fire, space etc. etc along with life and 2. mankind has developed symbols for whatever has been given or granted to him and these symbols are of two kinds i) scientific symbols and ii) mythological symbols. Both symbols –scientific and mythological are as good as they can be and one cannot reject these either.
So as an enquirer organizer our humble submission to you is to participate in this discussion with open mind i.e. without a pre-conditioned mind as we feel that confusion is better state than conclusion because confusion means we are alive, we are looking and conclusion means there’s nothing more to know, it’s dead end and most of the time conclusions are irrelevant as they do not become part of one’s reality or experience. So we welcome you to share your views/ ideas/ understanding/ experiences/ knowledge/ information/ belief and confusion too with other seekers/ scholars.
Suggested topics (you are free to choose any other topic/issue which you deem relevant.)
1. What life is?
2. Islamic/ Christian/ Buddhist/Jain/ Sikh perspective of origin of life
3. Vedic/ Pauranic/ Tantric/ Dharam-Shaastriya idea of Origin of life
4. Greek/ Arabic/ African/ Chinese/ Indian myths about origin of life
5. Principles of Biology about life and Chance factor
6. Eastern and western philosophical reasoning about the origin of life
7. Defining the term, idea, concept of life in English/ Hindi/ Punjabi/ Sanskrit Literature
8. Why only earth is blessed by Life?
9. Can life be defined from the death perspective?
10. What is living and what is non-living in the cosmos?
11. Life = Matter + Consciousness?
12. Defining life through five basic elements (earth, air , water, fire and sky)
13. Scientific, literary and mythological symbols of life
Organizing & Reception Committee
Dr Rumnit Kaur
Dr.Amita Redhu
Dr.Neena Goyal
Dr. Gurinderjit Kaur – 09812194031
Mrs. Tarandeep Kaur – 09812060710
Mrs. Narinderpal Kaur
Dr. Sukhwinder Kaur
Dr.Shruti Sharma
Dr.Anubha Jain
Please Note:
1. Confirm your participation and please submit your paper / ppt. latest by 25-03-2016 positively otherwise last minute adjustment willnot be made.
2. No TA /DA admissible as per the directive of DGHE, Panchkula..
4. All teachers/ scholars/ academicians from any discipline are welcome to join.
5. Kindly be punctual.
6. Abstract / paper should be e-mailed at

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