SBI Youth for India Fellowship Programme 2016 is Currently Open for Applications!

Deadline: 10 June 2016

Applications are currently ongoing for SBI Youth for India fellowships 2016. The YFI fellowship programme  is initiated, funded and managed by the State Bank of India in partnership with reputed NGOs. 

The programme is about solving challenging rural problems and will train you to think innovatively, act proactively, exhibit leadership and acquire management skills.

Fellows will gain hands-on experience of rural markets, its linkages and an insight into the mind of the rural consumer and what comprises the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. This combination of knowledge and skills will be highly valued by many organisations in India, and will be of relevance in any career that you choose to pursue thereafter.

The programme seeks to solve rural India’s most pressing problems by: 

  • Providing educated Indian youth with an opportunity to touch lives and create positive change at the grass root level in rural India.
  • Providing NGOs working on development projects in rural India with educated manpower whose skill sets can be used to catalyze rural development.
  • Promoting a forum for the Programme alumni to share ideas and contribute to rural development throughout their professional life.

Programme Details

  • Programme commences on August & October, 2016 with a duration of 13 months.
  • Week 1-2: Orientation & Training: 
    • A carefully designed orientation and training programme sensitizes you to the rural ethos, introduces you to rural project management techniques and equips you to handle the challenges you might face. It consists of both classroom sessions as well as field visits.
  • Key topics to be covered :
    • Leadership and team building skills
    • Project Design & Management
    • Need Assessment
    • Questionnaire Design
    • Impact Analysis
    • Writing case-studies
    • Documentation methodology
  • Week 3-6: Location Familiarization & Project Formulation
    • You will move to your project location where the partner NGO will assist you in finding suitable accommodation.
    • You will be assigned a local mentor to help you in addressing logistical and administrative challenges that you may face
    • A domain mentor will provide guidance, perspective and expertise to assist you in formulating and implementing your project.
  • Guided Deliverables:
    • Prescribed list of activities to acquire a detailed understanding of issues in your project location
    • Interaction with all stakeholders in and around the project location
    • Brief assessment of the work done by the Partner NGO in the project location
    • Identification of a gap, idea generation, and project formulation
  • Project Formulation:
    • With your domain mentor, you need to define the desired outcome with achievable milestones
  • Month 3-11: Project Implementation, Periodic Monitoring, Review Workshops
    • This is the implementation period of the fellowship, where the Fellow shall attempt to achieve the defined milestones. Through regular feedback and 2 intermediate review workshops, you shall be provided with necessary guidance and support.
  • Month 12-13: Documentation of Project Work, Handover, Valediction
    • At the end of the programme, you need to document your project work with the learning from the project.

Fellowship Support

  • The Fellowship will conclude with a valediction amd the award of a Certificate of completion.
  • Stipend: Rs 15,000/- to meet living expenses
  • Local Transport Allowance: Rs 1,000/- per month
  • A Readjustment Allowance of Rs. 30,000/- upon successful completion of the Fellowship
  • To and fro travel costs of the Fellows from his/her place of residence to project location as well as for training programmes
  • Medical Insurance
  • Mentorship by experienced professionals in the field
  • Access to the Community through well-established Partner NGOs
  • Linkages with premier organizations of the country

Post Fellowships

After completion of the Programme :

  • You can continue in the rural development sector with NGOs or explore social entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • You can pursue further studies or other fellowships.
  • You can return to the mainstream and apply your learning to develop products and services more suited to Rural India.

Key Dates:

  • 10th June, 2016 – Last date for submission of online application.
  • 13th June, 2016 – Candidates shortlisted for personal interview will be intimated.
  • 1st July, 2016 – Candidates selected for the programme will be intimated.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Young Professionals or Fresh Graduates
  • Age 21-32 (as on date of commencement of programme)
  • Indian citizen

Application Process

  • Applicants can apply online via the website.
  • Interviews shall be conducted in major metro cities or virtually for applicants based outside India.

For more information, please visit Youth for India Fellowships 2016

for more visit website :!-State-Bank-of-India_273

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