The Centre on the Death Penalty is keen to develop a robust and rewarding internship programme that will provide meaningful exposure to the complexities and nuances, in particular, of the administration of the death penalty and the criminal justice system in India more generally. Towards that aim, we are pleased to introduce our first comprehensive internship policy, under which we seek to accept interns on a rolling basis.

About the Centre: The Centre was established in August 2014 and currently comprises three groups:

a. Litigation: — to ensure competent legal representation for prisoners sentenced to death in various parts of India, irrespective of the crime;

b. Research: to identify and undertake new avenues of research on the administration of the death penalty that deepens our understanding of the harshest punishment in our criminal justice system. Our research activities use various methodologies including a significant emphasis on empirical work;

c. Public Affairs: to explore new fronts and methods for discussing the death penalty among various stakeholders including engagement with legislators, judges, legal services authorities, and the general public.

The Centre was founded as a result of the Death Penalty Research Project, in which all prisoners sentenced to death in India and their families were interviewed towards developing their socioeconomic profile and mapping their experience with the criminal justice system.

Eligibility: The internship is open to students in India and other countries, enrolled in a recognized undergraduate or post-graduate programme in the law, humanities, social sciences, management or media and communications. Those enrolled in other programmes may apply but preference will be given to those enrolled in programmes listed above.

Responsibilities: According to the requirements of the Centre, candidates may be asked to undertake tasks that will involving assisting with litigation activities, research projects or initiatives in public engagement. While the Centre shall attempt to account for the interests expressed by the interns, the Centre reserves the right to allocate tasks as it deems fit as per its requirements. All members of the Centre undertake administrative duties and therefore interns will also be expected to assist in administrative matters . Interns will be required to observe the working hours of the Centre and work from its offices only.

Duration: Internships are full-time and for a period of a minimum 4 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks. Candidates must indicate the exact dates in their application. Interns shall be based out of our offices on the NLU Delhi campus in Sector 14. Dwarka, New Delhi 100078.

Remuneration: Interns will be paid a stipend of Rs 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) for every four week period of internship undergone.

Application Process: Interested applicants must send the following information–

1. Curriculum Vitae

2. Cover Letter indicating the programme enrolled in, current year of study, name of the university and the exact dates of the internship

3. Statement of Purpose of not more than 500 words explaining their interest in interning with the Centre

All applications must be addressed to the Director, Centre on the Death Penalty and sent by email to and The subject of the email should be “Application for Internship”.

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