Call for Papers:BILS Centre for Applied Research in Law (B-CARL)

Call for Papers:

We cordially invite the academicians, researchers, students, HR Executives, social activists, law enforcers and representatives of the civil society, to submit their Research Papers on the sub-themes to be covered in different technical sessions during the

National Seminar on Combating Workplace Sexual Harassment to Women. Please note that the sub-themes are mere suggestions for the authors of the papers.



  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace: A Gender Issue.
  2. Employer’s Liability in cases of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.
  3. Defining Work place in the context of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.
  4. Conciliation as a method of resolving cases of sexual harassment at workplace: A Critique.
  5. Nexus between Organizational Practices and prevalence/frequency of Sexual Harassment at workplace- Real cases/experiences.
  6. Implementation Issues.

Research Paper Submission:

An abstract should not exceed 300 words and should not contain foot notes. The completed paper should not be more than 5000 words inclusive of footnotes. The Sub-Theme being taken up in the research paper must be specified.

All the submissions must be made in word format, Titles should be in Font Times New Roman, and bold with font size 14 and all capitals. Sub headings can be bold in size 12 and first letter can be capitalised. The text of the paper should be in font size 12 in Times New Roman format. Line spacing should be 1. 5. Footnotes should conform to the Harvard Blue Book Format, font size 10, Times New Roman and no spacing. Paper submission must accompany a certificate by the author(s) that the paper is his/her original work and has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.

Schedule for Paper Submission:

Abstract Submission: Authors are requested to send their abstract of 300 words (which should not have foot note) in soft copy format on or before 5thApril, 2016 through an email to:

The manuscripts will be reviewed by the review panel. The decision of the reviewers will be final and binding regarding acceptability of paper as well for deciding the best paper . The decision of the reviewers on the acceptability of the paper will be intimated through email only.

Papers are to be presented by the authors at the seminar held on the 20thand 21stof April, 2016. Details pertaining to presentation of the paper will be communicated to the authors of the accepted papers only by e-mail.

This schedule will be strictly followed. The organizers will not entertain any requests for extension of the deadlines.
The details of the Seminar are also available on:

B-CARL Website:
BILS Website:


Registration is compulsory for all the participants and paper presenters. The registration form duly filled in must be sent along with the demand draft. Student need to get the registration form forwarded and recommended by the Supervisor/ HOD/ Principal. Each co-author of a paper will need to register separately.

The Demand Draft needs to be sent by registered post to:
Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Vijaya College Campus, R.V. Road, Basavangudi, Bangalore – 560004

for more details visit :

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