Global Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility

Themes of Technical Sessions:

 CSR in Mainstream Management Education
 Stakeholders Engagement
 Aligning CSR to Developmental Needs of India
 Role of Implementing Agencies in CSR Project Management
 Encompassing Environmental Needs into CSR
 CSR-Brand Equity-WIFM
 Innovations in CSR Practices
 Global Comparative Study of CSR-Best Practices
 Monitoring and Evaluation in CSR
 Case Studies in CSR
 Women Empowerment & Gender Equality
 Contribution of CSR for Growth & Development


Paper Submission Guidelines

The abstract and the full paper may be submitted by electronic mail as following
 Abstract of not more than 250 words with details of author(s) (Name,
Position,Affiliation, Contact and Email-Id)
 Last date for submission of abstract is 30th
April, 2016
 Abstract should be in font size 12. (Times New Roman, 1.5 Line Spacing)
 Please provide 3-4 key-words at the end of the abstract.
 Final Papers must conform to the word limit of 6000-7000 words along with
the abstract.
 Final Paper along with abstract should be submitted to Conference
Management System.
 Log on to following link to upload your abstract & full
 The deadline for full paper submission is 1
July 2016
 Authors are requested to use Times New Roman font throughout the text.
 Title of the paper should be in font size 16 and should be centrally aligned.
 The subheadings and the body of the text should be in font size 12.
 Name of the authors and their affiliation should be placed just below the title
of the paper.
 Name of the author should be in font size 12 and affiliation in font size 11.
 Line spacing should be „single‟.
 Provide 1 inch margin on all sides.
 Paper should be submitted only in MS-Word format. Please do not submit
papers in PDF.



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