Call for Papers: GNLU Law Review

The GNLU Law Review (the “Law Review”) accepts Articles and book reviews in order to consider them for publication on a rolling basis throughout the year. However, they are reviewed only after a call for submissions is notified. The Law Review is pleased to announce the Call for Submissions for Volume 4, Issue II from scholars, academicians, researchers, policy makers, law students and other members of legal fraternity from India and abroad. The submissions should be on any one of the following themes in English language:

 Death Penalty

 Companies (Amendment) Act, 2016

 Insider Trading Regulations, 2015

 Payment Banks in India

 Small banks in India

 Offshore Investment & Tax evasions


Contributions are invited under the following heads:

1. Articles: An Article should not exceed 6000-6500 words excluding footnotes for being considered for publication in the Law Review.

2. Book Review: A book review should be focused, well drafted and be related to law journal article, or law-related book. Review should not exceed 4000 words for being considered for publication in the Law Review.


Manuscript preparation and submission guidelines

1. The submissions may be e-mailed (in Microsoft Word format) to <>.

2. All submissions are required to be typewritten in the font Garamond with 12 points font size, line spacing 1.5′ and justified alignment.

3. References within the submissions are to be cited as footnotes in the font Garamond with 10 points font size, line spacing 1′ and justified alignment.

4. The citation style must conform to the Oscola citation style.

5. Each submission must include, in one single document the following:

 curriculum vitae of the author(s);

 an abstract (not exceeding 250 words); and

 the contribution (not exceeding the relevant prescribed word limit).



The contributions submitted towards publication in the Law Review must not hav e been previously published or currently submitted for publication elsewhere. The contributions shall be evaluated on the basis of originality, innovativeness, clarity and technical correctness. Authors shall solely be responsible for the accuracy of statements in the article. Any unacknowledged reference in the contribution shall amount to plagiarism and would lead to outright rejection.



The contributions presented to and accepted for publication and the copyrights therein shall be the intellectual property of the Law Review.


All contributors, by submitting any contribution towards the Law Review, agree to indemnify the Gujarat National Law University and the Law Review from and against all claims, suits, and damages based on any claim of copyright infringement or plagiarism or unauthorized use.



Deadline for the submission of the abstract is 10th May 2016.

Intimation of selection of Abstract is on or before 15th May 2016.

Deadline for the submission of the full article is 10th June 2016.


CONTACT In case of any queries kindly email your queries to <> or contact the following: Dr. Anjani Singh Tomar, Editor in Chief, TGLR, GNLU Email:



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