International Seminar on “Political Thinking in Indian Literature”

The sub-themes of the seminar are as fallows-
1.Political Thinking in Sanskrit Literature.
2.Political Thinking in Hindi Literature.
3.Political Thinking in Buddhist and Jain Literature.
4.Political Thinking in Urdu Literature.
5.Political Thinking in English Literature.
6.Political Thinking in Bangla, Bhojpuri and Pali Literature.
7.Political Thinking in Urdu Literature.
8.Political Thinking in Modern Indian Literature.
9.Political Thinking in Nepali Literature.
10.Political Thinking in Thai Literature.
Call for papers-
Paper proposals in the form of abstract (Max 300 words) are invited on latest by 15 May, 2016. The acceptance will be communicated by 20th May, 2016.
Abstract may be submitted either in English (MS Word, New Times Roman, 12 Front) or in Hindi (Kurti Dev-10Font 14). The abstract should comprise the Topic/Title, name of the author/Co-author, affiliation, email and

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