Applications are now open for The BRM Fellowship in India

Deadline: May 15, 2016

Location: Mumbai, India.

BRM are looking for girls who are 20-25 year old and who have completed their graduation. Girls who are ready to take on a 1 year rigorous full time, paid fellowship journey with The Blue Ribbon Movement. The fellowship aims to build leadership, employability and entrepreneurship skills among girls (20 to 25 years) through a multi layered ‘service learning’ model

This fellowship will include:

  • A learning track for fellows to build their personal skills, professional skills and domain-knowledge;
  • Each fellow training 600 school girls for a 6 month community service based leadership program;
  • A deep dive into their own gender stereotypes and blocks to their self-empowerment.

Objectives of The BRM Fellowship:

  • Take young women through a practical learning experience that will build their confidence and empathy along with making them socially aware and responsible;
  • Equip women with the required leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will help them in their career;
  • Empower fellows by exploring the impact of gender bias and therefore breaking their own stereotypes;
  • Enable women to develop a vision for themselves and work towards taking their own decisions and becoming independent.


  • A female graduate between the age of 20 and 25 years;
  • Fluent in Hindi and any one of English/ Marathi/ Gujarati;
  • Comfortable with extensive local travel within Mumbai;
  • Ready for a rigorous masters level learning experience including field work at the grassroots;
  • Passionate about understanding and working on gender issues and women’s empowerment;
  • Eager to facilitate workshops for 13-14 year old girls in schools.


  • Learn through action: Make social change happen by empowering school girls;
  • Learn with experts from various fields;
  • Deep dive into your own gender stereotypes and blocks to self empowerment;
  • Self learn : have your own personal growth plan.


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