Call for Papers: Special Issue of Qualitative Inquiry “Reclaiming” Disability in Critical Qualitative Research

The purpose of this special issue is to bring together a collection of articles that consider the place of critical qualitative methodologies and methods in research involving disabled people. This issue will focus on: 1) critical qualitative methodologies that serve to challenge how disabled people are positioned in research studies, locating them as central actors in the research process, and 2) critical qualitative methods that reframe how to collect and analyze data with disabled people. This special issue will address what Oliver (1992) describes as “research as alienation” related to the lives of disabled individuals and the social relations of research production between non-disabled researchers and disabled individuals as subjects/objects of research. Specifically, the special issue will demonstrate how critical qualitative research serves to challenge taken for granted social norms about ‘doing research’ with not about disabled individuals, as well as possibilities for continued examination of the privilegedself that upholds self-other constructions in the research process. Thus, the included manuscripts will consider issues related to power, privileging, “voice,” and agency, while also examining the hegemonic power of ableism. It is our hope that this thematic issue will work to advance methodological approaches and the “place” of disability within them.

Researchers who engage in critical disability studies and are committed to including the perspectives of and working alongside disabled individuals are encouraged to submit manuscripts. In addition, qualitative researchers who examine methods-related challenges related to the normative and ableist assumptions common to the academy, and/or who have produced empirical work that pushes against ableist practices and assumptions are encouraged to submit manuscripts. Timeline Drafts of articles due to editors for initial review May15, 2016 Invited revised manuscripts due to editors for peer review July 15, 2016 Requests for revisions sent to authors September 30, 2016 Revisions manuscripts due October 31, 2016 Full manuscripts are due for initial, editorial review on May 15, 2016 and should be no longer than 30 pages (including references). Please submit manuscripts via email to and





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