Call for Papers: State Level Seminar on “Gandhi: Ideology,Philosophy and Indian Politics”

Sub Themes: 

  • Gandhiji as a Social Reformer
  • Mahatma Gandhi and religion
  • Trusteeship in the Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi
  • Gandhian idea of Swaraj (independent)
  • Gandhian idea of Education
  • Gandhiji’s View on Environment
  • Gandhiji‟s View on Women Empowerment
  • Gandhiji‟s View on Rural Reconstruction
  • Satyagraha as a tool in Promoting Peace
  • The Legacy of Gandhiji‟s Efforts in India
  • Khadi – “The Economic Wheel”
  • Gandhiji‟s Approach of Non-Violent Protest and its Influence on Future Social and Political Movement
  • Mahatma Gandhi and Panchayati Raj System
  • Mahatma Gandhi in the context of enhancement of Cottage industry
  • Any topic related to the main theme.

Last date of submission of Abstract 15th June, 2016 & submission of Full Paper 25th June, 2016



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