SPaRK STIPEND PROGRAM by NLS to support under privileged students

The SPaRK Stipend Support Program is a new initiative to support young students of the BA LLB(Hons.) course in financial need and to meet basic living expenses. This Program has been created by four alumni hailing from the Class of 1996 BA LLB (Hons) course, in line with NLSIU Scholarship Policy & per terms of an MoU with NLSIU, who have contributed to a permanent corpus towards the Program.

Under this program, a stipend amount of Rs.3000 per month when the academic year is in session and will be given for 2 years to one incoming first year student to cover their basic living expenses.

To apply for SPaRK Stipend Support Program, students have to apply to the NLS Scholarship Committee.

SPaRK Scholars will be selected based on the following criteria:

 Economically and socially under-privileged background, i.e. could be SC/ST

 Who has received full/partial waiver of academic fee by NLSIU on economic backwardness criteria

 The most meritorious applicant/s should be selected among all eligible applicants identified through the rank secured in CLAT (subject to such remaining the basis of admission at NLSIU), and

 All other things being equal, a lady applicant should be given preference among all eligible applicants.

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