Call for Papers @ Journal of Public Affairs

Call for Manuscripts on ‘Challenges to Democracy in India

Journal of Public Affairs and Change is an online, open access forum  to develop a body of knowledge on public affairs, jointly published by  eSocialSciences and Avidh Trust. The bi-annual journal will publish  articles, reviews, case studies, viewpoints and research results from  practitioners of all professions, academics, and other specialists.
The editors are currently seeking submissions for the Journal’s  inaugural issue, ‘Challenges to Democracy in India’.

Deadline for submissions is July 30, 2016.

Submissions must include a cover letter that provides:

Manuscript title
Names, positions, and institutional affiliations of each author.
Corresponding author’s telephone number, postal and e-mail address

Manuscripts must conform to the current edition of the American  Psychological Association Manual (APA). Papers should be no more than  6000 words, including references (or commentaries on a current issue  not more than 2000 words). Manuscripts must include an abstract of  approximately 150 words. Tables/figures should be submitted as  separate documents. Title and author information should be on a  separate page. There should be no mention of the author in the inside  pages of the submission. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically  in a format compatible with Microsoft Office. Submission emails must  be addressed to with the subject line “submission to  JPAC”. Deadline for submissions is July 30, 2016.

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