Workshop on “Practice of Nuclear Liability, Compensation and Insurance: National and International Experience”

Date: 5-6 August 2016



 Nuclear accidents and incidents: A technical perspective

Technical view of the reasons for an accident/incident and causes of such accidents/incidents.

 Regulatory perspective of nuclear accidents and incidents

A regulator’s role is different in many jurisdictions, and has evolved over time based on experience. The session will review regulatory understanding of the accidents and incidents across the world and India.

 Nuclear liability law in India: technical aspects of liability fixation

India’s CNLD Act is seen by many in the civil society as a modern law. However, for business the law and the rules proved to be difficult to understand and has frustrated in undertaking business activities in India. This is a briefing session on CNLD Act.

 Nuclear industry interaction on India’s liability and insurance law

The session will discuss the concerns and issues nuclear industry (suppliers, vendors etc – national and international) face in doing nuclear business in India. There will be a presentation of their views on CNLD Act and INIP.

 International law relating to nuclear liability, insurance and compensation

Session provides a comprehensive evaluation of international nuclear liability law. Three international regimes (Paris, Vienna & CSC) and specific country examples will form the basis of the lecture to understand the complexities in national and international implementation.

 United States Price Anderson Act and insurance mechanisms

Covers the Price Anderson law, and will go in-depth on the practical application through case studies and judicial pronouncements. The talk also covers supplier liability in United States and its application.

 Indian Nuclear Insurance Pool

A detailed overview of the Indian nuclear insurance regime structure that is being put in place through Indian Nuclear Insurance pool will be discussed.



Friday, 5th August to Saturday, 6th August, 2016

Detailed schedule will be shared after the completion of registration process .



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