Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance, National Law University Delhi (National Law University, Delhi established in 2008 by Act No.1 of 2008 of National Capital Territory of Delhi, Govt of Delhi, is one of the premier law universities established in India) has been constituted to uphold the commitment of the rule of law and good governance. The Centre emphases on sensitizing people on transparency and accountability in governance; empowering people such as students, lawyers, & public officials to contribute effectively to ensure transparency and accountability in governance; and creating and promoting quality research in the area of transparency and accountability in governance. The Centre also provides, for free of cost consultative services, training, sensitization and promotion on RTI, Labour and Industrial Laws and other governance related issues. The Centre also has organised national and International Conferences on good governance and corruption issues.

Sub-themes of the Conference

The Conference shall provide a platform, to promote transparency and accountability in the operations of the Justice Administration System including Bar and Bench, to various stakeholders and soldiers of transparency and accountability in the governance of Justice Administration System. This Conference would deliberate on the following sub-themes affecting access to speedy, effective and economical justice in the Justice Administration System:

1. Corruption in the Judiciary

2. Accountability and Transparency in Governance of the Judiciary

3. Speedy Access to Justice and Accountability of Accountability of  Bar and Bench

4. Economical Access to Justice and Accountability of  Bar and Bench

5. Personal Accountability of Judicial officers and Judges involved in corruption

6. Declaration of Assets’ by Judges and Judicial Officers and transparency in Judiciary

7. Conflicts of Interests and Contempt proceedings

8. Conflict of Interests and Kith and Kin of Judges practicing in the same Courts

9. Transparency and Accountability in  the Appointment of Judges and Judicial Officers

10. Impeachment/Removal of Judges and serious misconducts of Judges

11. Control over the quality of and commitments of Legal Practitioners/professionals by the Bar Council of India

Any other topic related to the main theme

Guidelines for Conference Paper

Research paper should apply research skills and use of appropriate research methodology. Research paper must highlight specific research problem/Issue and should also reflect on the viable solution of the /problems/issues identified. Abstract shall also provide for the Scheme of the Research Paper.

1. Research paper including footnotes should not contain more than 10,000 words.
2. It must be typed in Times New Roman Font Size 12 on A4 size paper with 1″ margin on all sides with 1.5 line spacing using MS Word application.
3. Footnotes should follow Blue Book standard of referencing. Endnotes are not allowed.
4. At the end of the paper, there should be a brief profile of the authors with E-mail ID, contact number and address.

Important Dates

1. Abstracts Submission (750 words): 30 June 2016
2. Notification for approved abstracts: 15 July 2016
3. Complete paper submission: 15 August 2016
4. Notification for the approved final papers: 25 August 2016
5. Submission of registration form & charges: 07 September 2016

Research paper may be submitted to the Convener of the conference at Articles received after the stipulated deadline will not be entertained for participation in the conference.

For more details visit

Author: Aakash Chaturvedi

Assistant Director Research & Development at The Knowledge Steez

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