2nd International Seminar on Health, Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights is organised by Center for Health Law Policy (CHLP), Centre for Human Rights (CHR), Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR).

The National University of Advanced Legal Studies, (NUALS) was established by Act 27 of 2005 of the Kerala State Legislature. Prof. (Dr.) Rose Varghese is the present Vice-Chancellor of the University. Ever since its inception, a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research has made the NUALS a path-setter for several other Universities.
The Centre of Health Law and Policy (CHLP), Centre for Human Rights (CHR) and Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR) have always collaborated to reconnoitre potential inter-linkages between their specific domains of knowledge and had successfully organized in 2015 its first International Seminar on Health, Human rights and Intellectual Property Rights, Theme 2015: Access to Medicine and Novel Medical Technologies.

Following its success in 2015, the CHLP, CIPR and CHR under the aegis of NUALS is holding its annual International Seminar with the central theme as Traditional Knowledge in 2016.

This theme is based on the discourse of health, human rights and intellectual property on traditional knowledge, which has evolved through numerous years of regular experimentation on a day to day basis of available resources by communities. Numerous studies have pointed to the increasing significance of such knowledge systems as an integral component of sustainable development in India. The culture and knowledge systems of indigenous people and their institutions provide useful frameworks, ideas, guiding principles, procedures and practices that can serve as a foundation for effective endogenous development options for restoring social, economic and environmental resilience in many parts of the country.

The organisers of the Seminar call upon the legal fraternity, academicians from law and other social science disciplines, research scholars, social activists, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations and students of relevant disciplines and other stakeholders to present their well-researched papers at the seminar.


1. An abstract not exceeding 500 words shall be submitted for consideration. The abstract shall provide for the scheme of the research paper. It must contain the synopsis of the paper, subtitles and conclusion indicating the author’s perspective.

2. Research papers should apply research skills and must highlight specific research problem.

3. Abstracts will be subjected to blind peer reviewed and only those abstracts approved by the reviewers shall be submitted as full paper for the purpose of presentation at the seminar.

4. The final paper must contain cover page a brief profile of the authors with E-mail ID, Contact number and address for communication.

5. The papers must follow a uniform format:
Times New Roman, Font Size 12,
1.5 line spacing

6. Footnotes should follow 19th edition Blue Book standard of referencing
1-inch margin throughout (left/right/top/bottom)

7. No end notes allowed

8. One Co-author is permitted. Co-author is also required to pay for all the charges as per the prescribed rates for the participation.
Presentation of papers can be done only by the authors of the paper.

Last date for submission of abstract: 10 July 2016
Last date for submission of Research Paper: 20 August 2016
Last date for registration: 5 September 2016

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Author: Aakash Chaturvedi

Assistant Director Research & Development at The Knowledge Steez

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