FIGHT IT#SHARE IT# BREAK YOUR SCILENCE – Campaign by Knowledge Steez

We all have some untold incidents in our life which we have faced at one point or another. Some being stories of fighting back injustice, facing violence or inequality and much more. Have you ever been a victim of violence, discrimination or inequality, then you can share your stories with us and we will let the world know how you fought back the situation. If you have any such story kindly share it with the world because facing it will not only build up your self confidence but will also motivate others to fight such challenges.

You can write on following themes:

  • College campus is full of regionalism, casteism and divide on the grounds of economic and social power of students have you ever been victims of such discrimination and how you have fight back the situation.  You can also suggest how can people continue to make progress in the fight for discrimination in college campuses?
  • Have you ever been a victim of eve teasing, Adam teasing, sexual harassment, rape, acid attack, child molestation, cyber bullying, cyber hacking, or any other gender related discrimination or crime. What issues do you see as obstacles to gender equality? How can women and their allies keep up the momentum in the fight for gender equality?
  • Have you ever been a victim of road rage, public outrage , political violence share your stories with us,
  • Do you frequently use public transport like metro , buses , etc and faced that they are not women friendly or disabled friendly tell the world what problem you faced and how you fight back
  • Have you ever rescued a victim from a problem he/she is facing share with us
  • Any other story which you want to share.

If you have any such story, feel free to share it with us at and cc to Along with your story kindly send one picture of yours so that it can be posted on our website. In case you do not want your name to be disclosed, we assure you that your identity will be kept confidential (kindly mention it in advance). The best story will be awarded with certificate of appreciation and other gifts by Knowledge Steez .

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