P.I.L. against Muslim Judge probing Mathura Violence: HC imposes 25000 Cost on BJP Leader, and directs Bar Council to take action against his Lawyer

Allahabad High Court has dismissed a P.I.L. filed by BJP spokesperson Indra Pal Singh for quashing the decision of the UP Government appointing a retired judge of the Allahabad High Court namely Justice Imtiaz Murtaza to hold the enquiry into the Jawaharbagh incident, in which two police officers and several common citizens has been murdered after summoning the same and to direct the government to appoint the commission headed by some judge well versed with the Hindu Dharma.

The Court has levied a cost of Rs.25,000/- for filing frivolous and impish petition filed for personal gains instituted at the behest of a person seeking publicity. The Court has also directed the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Advocate for the Petitioner for filing and drafting reckless petitions comprising scandalous pleadings and being encouraged by personal agenda to malign the persons holding constitutional positions which is close to misconduct unbecoming of a responsible legal practitioner, which is violative of the provisions of Advocates Act, 1961 and the Rules framed there under.


Submitted by : Nishit Shah

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