December 21-23, 2016



About Conference:

More than ever before, success of marketing largely depends upon the ability to facilitate and sustain meaningful, engaging experiences for consumers. Significant advances in technology and communications, facilitated by social media, in recent years have greatly contributed to making delivering experiences to consumers easier. Customers have abandoned the traditional one-way passive reception of product and brand offerings and now consciously looking for ones where a two-way exchange of value happens. Marketing strategy role has seen a steady jump in enabling effective user-brand interactions, putting the onus on brands of supporting product offerings with personalised marketing efforts. Shifting societal expectations demand that marketing organizations become genuinely involved with local environment in a way that simple monetary contributions alone cannot achieve, adding to altruistic value to consumer experiences of such brands. Modern youth, as a growing affluent customer base is increasingly getting dissatisfied with convention product offerings and expect experiential activities that captivate and motivate them to stick to a brand. The theme of the 2016 IIM Indore McCombs NASMEI Marketing Conference is to focus on identifying ways of enriching customer values through unique product offerings supported by strong branding. We invite scholars across all of the disciplines within marketing to submit their works, research results, and their refinements of future ideas, as well as their suggestions for special sessions that have direct or tangential connection to the conference theme. Also, we welcome papers that may not be directly related to the theme, but still contribute enhancing customer value.

The venue of the conference is Indian Institute of Management Indore in Madhya Pradesh province of India. The institute is occupies more than 200 acres of land and offers pristine environment with great fooding options, well equipped sports complex, and lots of green space for a convenient walk. Indore is a well-developed city with plethora of nearby historical places to visit like Ujjain, Mandu and Maheshwar, apart from numerous places of importance in the city itself. To participate, submit competitive papers or special session proposals electronically using the conference management system to the appropriate track chair listed below.

The conference will deliberate upon the following themes: both conceptual and empirical papers are invited pertaining to recent and emerging developments in the following areas.

1. Understanding consumer behaviour in current marketing environment is essential for the success of companies. Companies need to explore and understand the consumer behaviour with respect to products and services which can provide them valuable insights for product development and marketing communications.
2. Social media and digital marketing is playing a profound role by influencing the consumer behaviour in current marketing environment. With the emergence of e-commerce, social media and digital marketing, it became essential to understand the behaviour of consumers in digital space also. The digital market place is evolving fast and the success of any company depends on understanding the consumer and designing effective means to reach them in internet and other media.
3. Culture, subcultural factors, society, reference groups and mass media can influence the behaviour of consumers. So it’s vital to understand how these factors can influence the consumer behaviour when they look at product or services. We can also look at how these factors are important when we look at product and services development, online sales and promotions of products and services.
Role of marketing strategy in using some these new marketing tools in creating richer customer values and long term consumer-brand relationship.

In the light of the above areas the conference will focus on the following broad themes in the current business environment.

1. Consumer Behaviour, its significance and applications in product and service marketing.
2. Role of e-commerce social media and digital marketing and its influence on consumer behaviour.
Influence of cultural, reference groups, society and mass media on consumer behaviour.
3. Research approaches in understanding consumer behaviour.
Any inter disciplinary topic allied to these areas will also be considered for the conference.

Important Dates:

Submission of full paper/abstract Closes: 31st July 2016

Communication for acceptance: 30th September 2016

Early bird registration: 15th October – 30th November 2016

Registration closes: 20th Dec 2016

Workshop on Data Analytics: 21st Dec 2016

Conference: 22-23rd Dec 2016

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