“Boooom!” The air craft crashed. The tiny, shiny, whining pieces of the glass flew into the air like the bursting of an air craft in the black sky; every piece flying apart losing their identity with some invisible force, and then eventually falling on the concrete floor with a little bounce, but reflecting light with all their might, struggling to attain salvation.

“May their soul rest in peace” I sighed. All the four eyes whipped to my face with a “what are you referring to” look. I kept quiet. It was better to keep shut when my father and mother went on their verbal war; it is when our crockery is declared ‘martyrs by me. Every night the glass family and we loose a faithful member who served us. After the was ceases tranquility, veils the war field(our house).

I wriggled in my bed and rested my head on my mother’s soporific lap. “The darkness will never fade away,” she seemed to be in her own private bubble. My scalp tickled at her last sentence. I murmured “We have to light a candle….” cutting me off in the mid, she said.” My fate is decided, no one can change this now. I can’t abandon you or your father. I am so bounded by vows and traditions and responsibilities.” In a much louder voice I remarked,” It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, mumma.”

She didn’t reply and I fell asleep.

“Marriage when two souls accept each other and vow to be by each other’s side in good and bad, right and wrong, times of prosperity and poverty. But, in all these vows, there is no such thing that gives the right to control the other soul against their will. Tying the knot never tied the female counterpart with the evil and heinous male counterpart. If marriage is “romanticism”, it should be ” rebel-ism” when, romanticism converts to its heinous form.”

I was standing at the podium. My tongue swirling and slashing in my mouth, as I gave my speech in our school auditorium.

“Does everyone agree with my lately stated expressions?” few heads nodded in a ‘yes’. But my father’s brow creased. I saw him tightly clasping my mom’s wrist as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Fighting back the emoe and rising bile in my throat I , continued my speech.

“One of us surely is highly against my views my father, who is sitting right at the back torturing my mom. Every face turned to my parents to test my words.

“He humiliates her. Beats her, shouts at her and performs all those things that a lunatic may do when locked in a room with only one object without any restrictions. My mother is that objectin this case. Just like my father, many males practice the same madness over the guinea pigs-” the females”. I know it island difficult to take a stand alone against this but mom, it us better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. So, rise and rebel. Illuminate the darkness. Because, only you can!

My words were enough to ignite every heart to its boiling point.

The name of the speaker has been not disclosed on his request.

Author: Karan Singh

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