India has over 2.2 crore pending cases and more than 31 lakh of them have not even been assigned the next date of hearing.

According to the National Judicial Data Grid data as on June 24 this year, 2,20,75,329 cases are pending in various courts. Out of these, 31,45,059 (or 14.25 per cent of the total pending cases) have been categorised as ‘undated cases’.

Of the 31 lakh undated cases, 21,75,750 are criminal cases, while 9,69,309 are civil in nature.

According to the data available, Gujarat leads with 20.46 per cent undated cases, followed by West Bengal with 14.96 per cent cases, Madhya Pradesh with 13.13 per cent and Delhi 3.22 per cent.

At a recent meeting of the Supreme Court eCommittee, the Himachal Pradesh High Court had suggested introduction of “some sort of incentive” for reducing the number of undated cases.

The eCommittee of the Supreme Court was set up in 2004 to assist the Chief Justice of India in formulating a national policy on computerisation of Indian judiciary and advise on technological, communication and management-related changes.

More than 10 per cent of the pending cases have remained unsettled for over 10 years.

Courtesy: NDTV
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