The Islamic State is spreading its tentacles to Hyderabad as well. So far, 15 people have been picked up in Hyderabad in a crackdown on a suspected ISIS module.
Two of the suspects picked up on Tuesday, Ibrahim and Ilyas Yazdani are brothers and were the masterminds behind the module.
Sources said that the brothers have pledged allegiance to ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. The two are believed to have procured explosives from multiple places in the country.
One Mohammad Ataullah Rehman, considered to be the chief of the ISIS module was arrested by the NIA.
Rehman is believed to have radicalised youth and administered the ISIS oath. He was also believed to be part of key terror meetings.
Identities of five of the 15 ISIS men held in Hyderabad:
Brothers Ibrahim and Ilyas allegedly recruited others to the ISIS ideology. Ibrahim, the elder brother, is wanted for arranging explosives and collecting funds to target multiple locations in Hyderabad during Ramzan.
Iliyas is believed to have procured ammonium nitrate to make explosives. He was drafted into IS with the assistance of one Atta Ullah Rahman.
Both he and his brother are from conservative Ahl-E-Hadis sect which have proclaimed allegiance to ISIS.
Habib Mohammad: He arranged funds, pistols and bomb making equipment. The ISIS module often met at his house to make explosives .
He along with Ibrahim went to Ajmer and Nanded to procure weapons.
Abdul Bin Ahmad:He arranged for acetone and hydrogen peroxide to make expolosives. He has visited Saudi Arabia, France, Turkey and UAE recently.
Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan: He arranged detonators and also fixed coordinates on places to be targeted.

Courtesy : NEWS 18
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