GIMC 2017

Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) was set up in 2003 by the State Legislature of Gujarat with the intent of raising the bar of legal education in the country. Since then GNLU has established itself as one of the premier law institutes in India. The University strives to advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of law and legal processes and their role in national development. One of GNLU’s most noteworthy attempts towards this goal is its flagship event the GNLU International Moot Court Competition (GIMC).

GIMC was launched in 2009 with the objective of organizing an annual event that served as a platform for testing the legal acumen and potential of law students globally under the broad theme of international trade law. The past editions of GIMC received patronage from various national and international organizations, as well as eminent individuals from the legal fraternity. From the very beginning, we at GIMC have endeavored to uphold exacting standards in every aspect of the competition, ranging from the quality of the moot problem to that of the judges and ensuring impeccable support in the form of hospitality and professionalism. GIMC has received recognition from various international organizations such as the American Society of International Law (ASIL), the International Law Students Association (ILSA), the Asian Society of International Law (Asian SIL) and the World Trade Institute (WTI) adds another feather to our cap.

With each passing year, we have accomplished new milestones, and we aspire to establish GIMC as a stellar moot court competition of international repute, eliciting participation from various institutes of legal studies from across the globe. The 2015 edition of GIMC saw us play host to 58 teams from major law schools which included 10 international teams. The new addition to the 7th edition of GIMC was the researcher’s test and prizes were awarded to the best researcher. We believe that the upcoming editions shall reach greater heights with more diverse participation.

Fresh from the success of the 7th GIMC conducted successfully in February 2015, the Organizing team of GIMC has immersed itself into preparations for the 8th GNLU International Moot Court Competition (GIMC’16) which is to be held from February 3rd to February 7th, 2016. To further our objective of nurturing rich academic exploration on contemporary issues, the Moot Problem for GIMC’16 is based on various aspects of TRIPS, subsidies etc.

The moot problem along with its distinguished judges will present a challenge which can only be surmounted with acuity, clarity of thought, thorough research, composure along with flawless presentation and eloquence.

The Winners of GIMC’16 will receive a cash prize of INR 40,000 and the Runners-up will get INR 25,000. Numerous other prizes are also up for grabs.


15th July, 2016 – Release of Moot Problem and Rules of the Competition.

31st August, 2016 – Last date for provisional registration. (11:59 PM IST)

25th September, 2016 – Last date for completing all formalities related to registration. (11:59 PM IST)

10th October, 2016 – Dispatch of Team Codes.

17th October, 2016 – Last date to apply for clarification regarding the Moot Problem. (11:59 PM IST)

31st October, 2016 – Clarification, if any, posted on the Official Website.

8th January, 2017 – Last date for submitting soft copy of Written Submission. (11:59 PM IST)

13th January, 2017 – Last date for submitting hard copy of Written Submission (05:00 PM IST)

1st – 5th February, 2017 – 9th GNLU International Moot Court Competition

1st February, 2017 – Inaugural Function, Orientation of Participants and Researchers’ Test

2nd – 3rd February, 2017 – Preliminary Rounds

4th February, 2017 – quarterfinal and Semi-Final Rounds

5th February, 2017 – Final Rounds and Valedictory Ceremony

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