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More than ten months after 50-yr-old Mohammad Akhlaq was dragged out of his home in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri and killed by a mob over rumours that he had eaten beef, a local court has ordered that seven members of his family should be investigated for cow slaughter.
The court in Greater Noida on Thursday ordered an FIR against Akhlaq’s family, based on a petition filed by villagers.
In May, a forensic report submitted in court said that the meat found in a waste bin outside Akhlaq’s home was that of “a cow or its progeny”.
Samples of meat had also been seized from a refrigerator in Akhlaq’s house, but forensic tests reportedly concluded it was mutton.

Cow slaughter is a crime in Uttar Pradesh. Police said the meat was sent for testing only to establish the motive behind Akhlaq’s killing.
Akhlaq was lynched by a mob in Bisada village in September 2015 over rumours that he had killed a calf and eaten its meat. A few people in the village are under in the case.
Based on the forensic report of the meat sample found outside his house, Bisada resident Surajpal Singh (65) had filed the complaint in the court on June 9, seeking registration of an FIR.

Courtesy: News 18
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