Course on “International Electronic Commerce Law” by NLUO


The Information Revolution is transforming the organization of markets and the administration of commerce. This course provides students with information about how information and communication technologies (ICT) are used in business and the impact they are having on commercial transactions. Although the Internet has made electronic commerce accessible to most businesses and consumers, the migration of businesses from paper to ICT processes began decades before the Internet came into widespread use. The course examines the technology and business issues raised by older forms of business-to-business electronic commerce, newer forms of business to consumer Internet commerce and mobile commerce, and emerging forms of electronic commerce based on cloud computing and big data. The Course is divided into twelve modules for twelve hour teaching. The Course would be conducted through lectures and class discussions. Student performance will be assessed based on participation in class discussion (10%) and a final exam (90%). The final exam will consist of four essay questions, from which students will be permitted to choose two and write up to 250 words for each question.



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