Call for Papers: NLUO Journal on Corporate Law and Policy

About the Journal

The National Law University Odisha ‘Corporate Law and Policy Journal’ is a bi-annual flagship publication of National Law University Odisha (NLUO) which focuses on corporate law and policy issues, developments in corporate law and is published by the Editorial Board of Centre for Corporate Law, NLUO. The journal aims to focus on the changing character and emerging need for understanding of corporate law, and developing serious academic legal writing. It is this ethos that the journal tries to capture and bring to its discerning readers. The purpose of this journal is to provide our readers with information on recent developments affecting corporate policy and laws, developments and various other issues. The Journal, like most academic publications, is peer-reviewed

The objectives of the Journal:

1) To promote the development of issues pertaining to corporate policy and law.

2) To critique the new laws and judgments in the area.

3) To disseminate information to various forums to spread awareness about the subject

The Corporate Law and Policy Journal brought out by the Centre for Corporate Law, NLUO, is an unique initiative for corporate law and policy subject matter. The Editorial Board consisting of experts in the relevant field will be editing the received submissions thoroughly and objectively. The Journal receives substantial support and assistance from its Board of Advisors, which comprises of corporate law practitioners and academicians across the country who are legal luminaries. We invite research articles, short notes, case comments & book reviews to the journal from academicians, corporates, legal practitioners and students of law.


Guidelines pertaining to the Structure of the Journal

1) Theme The submissions must pertain to the field of corporate law and policy.

2) Frequency The journal is being published as a bi-annual publication.

3) Categories of Submissions With regard to the categories of submissions, the categories and the word limit (inclusive of footnotes) for the same, is as mentioned below-

a) Articles : (5,500-6,500 words)

b) Short Notes/Case Comments : (2,500-3500 words)

c) Book Reviews : (1500-2000 words)

4) Citation and formatting The authors must follow the OSCOLA citation method for the footnotes. The article must be formatted in the following styleMain body: Font – Times New Roman, Size – 12, Line spacing – 1.5. Footnotes : Font – Times New Roman, Size – 10, Line spacing – Single Line Spacing.

5) Abstract and Declaration The submissions must include an abstract pertaining to the topic which should not be more than 300 words. Additionally the authors must also attach a declaration, stating that their work is original to the best of their knowledge, with all the relevant sources having been duly mentioned in the footnotes. Submissions will be evaluated subject to a plagiarism check.

6) Review & Submission The review method followed by the journal will be double blind peer review method, subject to an extensive review by the Editorial Board. Authors must mention their details such as name, institution, contact details etc. in a separate document. Also, while co-authorship is permitted, the number of co-authors should not exceed two. The submission must be mailed to us in a .docx or .doc format

Last date for submitting contributions: 25th August,2016

Submissions must be mailed to :

For any further queries, you can send an email to –

Dr.Kondaiah Jonnalagadda (Associate Professor of Law), Editor-in-Chief :

Adithi P. Koushik : ,

Disha Mohanty :

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