MLS Raipur is one of the new generation progenies in the field of Indian Legal Education. The Law School is a part of MATS University (Mahaveer Academy of Technology and Sciences University. The University operates in the new state of Chhatisgarh, which was carried out of the state of MP and became 26th State of India on 01st November,2000.

Editorial board of the MATS UNIVERSITY LAWJOURNAL [ISSN:2250-3889] is inviting articles / comments / book review form the author/writer for Dec, 2016 issue [Vol-1, Issue 2]. The write up can be sent under the following categories:

Segment 1 – Special Articles:

Any topic relating to law and policy

Minimum Length (6000 words including footnotes).

Segment 2 – Law of the future:

any new Bill introduced relating to law and its research.

Minimum Length (3000 words including footnotes).

Segment 3 – Book Reviews/Comments:

Any new/revised book launched relating to law and policy.

Minimum Length (1200 words including footnotes).

Write up particularly preferred by the Chief Editor shall also be published. The write up must reach through e-mail on or before October 31, 2016. The Next issue will be published on or after Dec 31, 2016. For further information one may contact in any of the following contact detail:

Prof.(Dt.) G.P. Tripathi, Editor-in-Chief: 09893658290

Mr. Sugato Mukherjee, Assistant Editor: 07771861863

Ms. Abhiruchi Jain, Assistant Editor: 07276735966

Method of Citation: All the submissions must adhere to Bluebook (20th Edition)–A Uniform Mode of Citation

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