West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences is going to conduct an Online Certificate Course in Intellectual Property Law.

Course Start Date: 1st September, 2016
Duration: 4 months

Intellectual property can be a significant component of the value of a business – IP portfolio of brands such as Coca-Cola and Apple are valued in billions. In 2011, Google acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion to acquire its patents. Similarly, Ericsson derives $ 1 billion of revenues per year from licensing its technology globally to various cell phone companies, without manufacturing a single phone itself. Whether it is an SME or a large business, not having an IP strategy is strategically inefficient and prevents the business from unlocking its full value. Websites, blogs, software codes, product manuals, designs, videos, business processes, photographs and catalogues are all capable of intellectual property protection.

This course provides insights on how to acquire, protect, enforce and monetize intellectual property rights, for start-up entrepreneurs, SME owners, businessmen who want to learn how to protect and enforce their intellectual property and monetise their intellectual property for more revenue and for lawyers and law students who want to get a superior knowledge of the practical side of IP laws.

What will you learn in this course?

An understanding of intellectual property rights and mechanisms will help you to:

Obtain necessary registrations for your intellectual property
Create a national or global level intellectual property strategy for your business
Work with legal experts and professionals more effectively
Create systems for detection of intellectual property infringement
Identify ways to monetize existing intellectual property portfolio
Prevent employees, suppliers and consultants from stealing or unfairly benefiting from creations which are not their own.
Actively enforce your IP rights against competitors and pirates.

Relevance of intellectual property in your own business and career

Understanding of intellectual property can be useful in the following ways in one’s professional/academic career:

As a law student: Have an in-depth understanding of acquiring patent, registering trademark, filing for patent, copyright and trademark infringement and thus acquire practical legal knowledge to help perform outstandingly well in law firm internships.
As an entrepreneur or business owner: Be in complete control of the IP portfolio of your business.
As a manager: Assist senior management in creating an IP strategy, provide inputs on monetization and get more responsibility at work and faster promotions.
As a consultant: Advise businesses on improving IP strategy, IP monetization techniques, IP documentation and IP acquisitions.

Why this course?

The content of this course has been kept extremely practical, without reference to complex jargon, legal terms and cases. No prior background or training in law is required to understand this course. Practical insights from top industry experts and law firm partners from India and Silicon Valley have led to highly valuable content.

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