“I decided to leave my dream college but not to pay bribe”- FIGHT IT# SHARE IT#BREAK YOUR SILENCE

Discrimination is an issue that everyone is concerned  about. Whether it is age, race, religion, gender or any other form of discrimination .

Today I met a girl who is at present pursing her under graduate course from one of the most reputed college of Delhi. Her name is Sanvi and today she will herself expatiate her story about the hardships she faced during the selection procedure in college.

It was year 2015 when I passed my 12th Council for the Certificate Indian School Examinations (ISC) with flying colours. My aggregate score was ninety-eight (98) Percentage and I was declared as holding the top position in India by the members of this reputed Examination Board.

Like other commerce students I too had a dream of studying in India’s Top  Ranked college of commerce. When the cut off list was declared and the time of selection process began I came to know that college which I wanted to be a part of has declared  its cut off for the year to be 99%.I was very much in grief when I came to know this. I was sitting on a bench with the rest of the students and I was sobbing, suddenly I was called up by a senior authority of the college and on entering the room I wished the counselling members a Good morning.

Without wasting a single second I was asked to sit, and after that I witnessed the hollow and unethical realities of that educational institution. It was the first time in my life when I  learnt the true meaning of word ‘DISCRIMINATION’. Initially the principal tried to manipulate me by showing his false sympathy and he said “that tears on my face does not suits me” and when I did not give any response  to this statement an orotund voice that contained an unethical message hit my ears. He further said , “to be in the top college is the dream which many see but there are only few of them who gets their dream fulfilled and he added , “I can help you making your dream come true”.

A ray of light hit my horizon but as soon as I came to know the fact that I have to pay consideration for fulfilling my dream to be a part of top college, I was again shattered. Being a grand-daughter of a teacher I always had a sense of respect for teaching profession, but when the reality of this institution came in front of my eyes, I was not able to control my anger because ‘education’ and ‘knowledge’ for me is something which money can never buy ,but here in this institution they were not teaching rather was selling their knowledge to those who were economically sound.

I knew that person sitting right in front of me was much more senior to me, but I was unable to control the rage I had against him, for asking me to pay a sum of Rupees Two lakhs as an amount of donation.

My patience level reached its saturation point, I was finding it insulting to be at such a place surrounded with such unethical and greedy people. I decided to leave the place at once and I got up from the chair, took all my relevant documents and in a taunt voice I told the principal that for me ‘knowledge’ and ‘intellect’ are the two virtues that money can never buy. I added “Sir if today I pay you the sum of money you have demanded for ,it will help me to get the ‘best teachers’, ‘the best education’ and ‘the best chance at becoming a highly intelligent individual’ after getting degree from your college, but the money I will give you today will never be able to buy me the will to do the amount of hard work that is necessary to increase my intellectual capacity, and therefore I bid adieu my dream of studying in your college which is not more than a place where knowledge is sold to rich people ,and I promise when I visit you  the next time I will be that someone who has achieved  a lot in her life by not following shortcuts rather I will work hard to be on the top.”

In my point of view, if any  student ever get to be a part of any college by means of paying bribe to the college, then he/she should not accept the proposal no matter how reputed the college is because if one student who is capable of paying money and get the admission done then it will be unfair with those who are less fortunate and cannot pay the amount of money demanded. I suggest that it would be better to be a member of such institution which has its principles based on ethics rather than to be a student of an unethical institution.



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