Social Science Research Methods
Organised by
Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmedabad
27th September 2016 to 1st October 2016

Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute (MGLI) announces a programme from 27th September 2016 to 1st October 2016 with the purpose of imparting knowledge on Research Methodology to the researchers across the various fields of Social Sciences.

The need for such programme arises for usage of mixed (qualitative and quantitative) methods in research. Research is defined as a systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. In Research Methodology “Methodology” indicates more than simply the methods which are used to collect data. It is necessary to consider the concepts and theories which lie beneath the methods. e.g in the context of social science to highlight a specific feature of a social, economic or political theory it is required to  recognise the underlying concepts of the methodology.
In case of methods it is necessary to ensure that the research questions and/or hypotheses are addressed with clarity. The methods should be described in an elaborate manner for the study to be replicated. At every stage explanations and justification with logical reasons for the choice of particular methods and materials is to be provided. There are several ways to approach the research that fulfils the requirements of a dissertation. These differ both inter and intra disciplines.
The innovativeness of this programme is its endeavour to deliver both theoretical and practical aspects of research through a direct interaction in the field.
The major objectives of the programme are:

1.      Providing conceptual and theoretical clarity on research.
2.      Review of literature and hypothesis formulation
3.      Sampling Design and Techniques
4.      Questionnaire/ Schedule formulation
5.      Collection of Data through Fieldwork
6.      Data entry coding and analysis (PSPP)
7.      Preparation of the Report
8.      Preparation of Research Proposal

The participants will be Students, Research Scholars, Working Professional and Trade Union members. The total number of participants will be 30 and will be enrolled on a first come first serve basis.

Registration Fee:
Registration/Course fee for the participants is Rs 5000 without accommodation and Rs 7500/- with accommodation.
The trade union members can avail a fee concession of 75 percent on the course fee provided they apply through proper channel. There will be no concession on accommodation.
Attendance in every session is mandatory.

Travel Allowance:
No travel allowance will be provided to participants.

Duration and Venue:
The programme will be held on 27th September 2016 to 1st October 2016 at Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute (MGLI), Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is well connected by rail and air network to the rest of India. The MGLI campus is about 14 Kms from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport and 11 kms from Railway station.

Hurry up!! Last date to register is 10 August 2016

For more details click here

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