The Centre for Corporate Laws, National Law University Odisha is organizing its 1st National Conference on Emerging Trends of Corporate Law.


The main theme of the conference is “Emerging Trends of Corporate Law”.

We invite papers in the followings Sub-themes:

1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Corporate Engagement
[Importance and implication of due diligence, Effect of decline in venture capital funding, Effect of government scheme: Start India Action Plan & MUDRA Scheme, Corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, etc.]

2. Effect of Global Policy change
[eg. Brexit, rate hike by the US Federal Reserve, etc., Alternative Investment Funds in India: (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital Funds, PIPE (Private Investment in Public Equity) Funds, Debt Funds, Infrastructure Equity Fund, SME Fund, GREX, etc.]

3. Corporate Crime and Capital Market
[NSEL Fraud, Panama Paper (shadow companies), Satyam Computer, etc.]

4. Schemes of Mergers & Acquisitions
[Corporate Restructuring: Mergers, Amalgamation, Demergers, Acquisition, Joint Ventures, Divestment, Strategic Alliance, Franchisee, Takeovers; Effect of Anti-trust rules and regulations on Schemes of Mergers & Acquisitions, etc.]

5. Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance
[Comment on ICSI’s Global Corporate Governance Code, Importance of Implementation of CSR projects at the grass-root level, Impact of New Bankruptcy Code on Corporate Governance, etc.]

6. Issues related to Securities Market
[Securities Transaction Tax (in Shares, bonds, debentures, debenture stock or other marketable securities, etc.), Insider Trading, FIIs, Offences related to Intermediaries, etc.]

7. Banking and Project Financing
[Role of international financial institutions (IFIs) in project financing, Relation of project financing to the financing structure of PPP Projects, BREXIT:Implication on project financing, etc.]

8. Recent changes to the FDI Policy and effect on Domestic Capital

Note: The above mentioned sub-themes are merely illustrative and not exhaustive and hence any other submission pertinent to the theme shall be accorded consideration.

Call for Papers:

We call upon the Scholars, academicians in the field of law and students pursuing LL.B (Hons.) (3 years or 5 years) and LL.M. course from any recognized University to be eligible to participate in the competition.

Submission Procedure:

All submissions shall be made online to

Note: In all matters relating to the acceptance of the abstracts and the research papers, the decision of the Organizers shall be final and conclusive.

Guidelines for Submission:

1. An abstract not exceeding 500 words shall be submitted till 20th August, 11:59 p.m. The abstract shall provide for the scheme of the research paper. It must contain the synopsis of the paper, subtitles and conclusion indicating the author’s perspective.

2. Research papers should apply research skills and must highlight specific research problem.

3. Abstracts will be subjected to blind peer reviewed and only those abstracts approved by the reviewers shall be submitted as full paper for the purpose of presentation at the seminar.

4. The final paper must contain cover page a brief profile of the authors with E-mail ID, Contact number and address for communication.

5. The papers must follow a uniform format:

 All the papers must be typed and reproduced on a standard A4 paper. The font and size of the text must be the same and must be in Times New Roman, 12 point. Text must have 1.5 line spacing.

 Word limit

For articles: 4,000 words- 5,000 words
For essays- 2,000 words- 3,000 words.
 The Footnotes shall be in Times New Roman, 10 Point with 1.0 line spacing.

 All the text must be justified.

 All the pages must have margin of 1 inch on all sides, excluding page numbers.

 All the citation must be in accordance with the Harvard Blue Book Style, 19th Edition.  All submissions must be the author’s original and unpublished work. Plagiarized submissions will be disqualified.

 Presentation of papers can be done only by the authors of the paper.

Important Dates:

1. Submission of Abstract 20th August, 2016
2. Declaration of Abstract Selection 27th August, 2016
3. Paper Submission 20th September, 2016
4. Declaration of Paper Selection 30th September, 2016
5. Deadline for Registration and Submission of Demand Draft (Soft Copy) 5th October, 2016
6. Deadline for Registration and Submission of Demand Draft (Hard Copy) 10th October, 2016
7. Conference Dates 21st–22nd October, 2016

For more details CLICK HERE

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