20 professors suspended for signing a peace petition (Show your support to stop it)

Dear all,

I’ve been informed that 20 professors at Anadolu University, some of them members of GAJE, have been suspended for signing a peace petition calling  for stopping human rights violations in Southeast Turkey. As you know Anadolu University organized the last GAJE Conference. India is an active member of GAJE team.

They are asking for support sending fax letters or emails to the Rectorate of Anadolu University. Here you are a template of message that can adapted:

“….I want to express my deep concern about the suspension of some academics in your University for supporting peace and human rights.

For me, freedom of expression and academic freedom are substantive and necessary parts of justice and human rights education in Europe and all over the world.

For this reason, I would ask the revocation of the suspension of those academics that have no relationship with the recent coup d’etat attempt on July  and the stop of whatever administrative inquiries against them for being signatories of a peace petition promoted by Academics for Peace (“We will not be a Party to this Crime”) in January 2016.”

Individual or institutional concern messages can be sent to the following addresses:

Rektorate, Naci Gündoğan: nacigundogan@anadolu.edu.tr

Vice Rektorate, Adnan Özcan: aozcan@anadolu.edu.tr

Vice Rektorate, Ali Savaç Koparal: askopara@anadolu.edu.tr

Vice Rektorate, Aydın Aybar  : aaybar@anadolu.edu.tr

Vice Rektorate, Zafer Asım Kaplan: zakaplan@anadolu.edu.tr

Ex-Dean, Ufuk Aydin; uaydin@anadolu.edu.tr 

Deanship, hukfak@anadolu.edu.tr  

If you can do other support activities through your institutions or universities will be welcomed. Some ideas:

PS. The situation explained in detail:

In January 2016, they have signed a petition “We will not be a party to this crime” together with 1,128 academics from 89 universities in Turkey, and over 355 academics and researchers from abroad calling on the state of Turkey to end violence and prepare negotiation conditions  on Kurdish region.


First, 1128 academics signed and the President declared them as evils and supporters of terrorism. After his speech the number of academics who signed the petition reached more than 2000.

Immediately after the President’s speech a prosecutor started to investigate them claiming that they were supporting terrorism and humiliating the State.

In February the university started an administrative investigation. They defended themselves before an appointed investigator-professor. He completed his investigation in March. Since March they have no been given information, no letter etc.

Finally, on 15th of July there had been an attempted coup-d’etat/military intervention in Turkey. After this event, there is a declared state of emergency in Turkey and Gulenisits/Fetocular (Fethullah Gulen is considered as mastermind behind the attempt) were investigated, suspended, prosecuted and jailed.

On 5 August they have learnt that they have been suspended as well and there was no explanation again. They even did not tell which punishment is offered for them. However the Rectorate said that their files are now at the High Education Council. They think that they intend to kick them out of the university. 

Information about this: https://www.evrensel.net/haber/286946/aude-baris-icin-akademisyenler-aciga-alindi

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