National Seminar on Arbitration at Kolkata on 9th December 2016

About Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators

The Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators (IITArb) is an all India non-profit professional body of Engineers and Architects, devoted to the popularization of Arbitration as a speedy and cost effective method for resolution of commercial and contractual disputes. The major objectives are to impart training to members and others in various aspects or Arbitration by conducting short term courses, conferences workshops, in-house programmes etc; to carry out research in arbitration; build up a specialized reference library; take up Institutional Arbitration matters, Registered under society Registration Act. The Institution has its Head Quarters at Chennai with State Centres at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata and a local centre at Madurai.

Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators West Bengal Centre

To disseminate knowledge, IITArb, West Bengal State Centre organises training programme and technical lectures for the techno legal consultants, arbitrators and technical professionals. The Organisers of the Institution strongly believe that professional Arbitration will benefit the parties i.e. Industries and Construction Organisation in resolving disputes and get timely relief with a professional approach. Knowledge in law and skill in practice of arbitration are vital. Experts in the field have joined the West Bengal Sate Centre to disseminate such knowledge and skill.

About the Seminar – Theme Topic- Law & Practice of Arbitration in India as per the Amended Law.

For speedy effective resolution of disputes the Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 has been amended vide Arbitration and conciliation amendment Act 2015. Simultaneously the enactment on establishing Commercial Courts is to bring sea change in the Law & Practice of Arbitration. The seminar shall benefit all the Corporate, Stake Holders, Infrastructure Companies dealing with large and small engineering contracts including the Foreign Partners, Government / Public Sector / Autonomous Organizations, Professionals dealing with dispute resolution in Arbitration and practising Arbitrators in updating with the modified Law and its practice including international commercial arbitration and enforcement of arbitration awards with recent case laws. This will help the Corporate and Companies , Government , Private & Public Sectors, Contracting Agencies to assess risks and take investment decisions as well as in contract negotiations. Participants shall benefit from the open house discussion in Arbitration Law to clarify doubts, which shall help those in practising arbitration in their parent organisation or otherwise.

Sub-Themes:- The Seminar shall address all major and critical issues pertaining to the theme and likely cases expected to arise in Law & Practice of Arbitration in consequence to the amendments. This shall include issues related to-

Ø Domestic and International commercial arbitration

Ø The Commercial Courts, Commercial Divisions and Commercial Appellate Divisions of High Courts Act 2015

Ø Engineering contracts and Arbitration

Ø Case laws on Amended law of Arbitration

Ø Other related issues

Call for Papers & Publications:

Technical, Research reviews, Case Studies and Case Laws are invited for presentation in the Seminar. Papers related to the theme of the project Seminar are invited from authors of the paper, for presentation in the Seminar. The Paper (preferably not exceeding10 pages) & abstract of the papers (not exceeding 300 words) along with the author’s PP Size photo and professional experience in brief, to be sent to : Sri. G.C Kabi , Sr. Vice President (East), IITArb & Arbitrator, CPWD, Govt. of India, Nizam Place , 1st MSO Building, 234/4, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 020 . For the authors the guideline shall be sent separately. This shall be in soft copy (in word format) and photo (in jpg format) and sent to email: – and

Cut-off Dates:

Receipt of Abstract : 31/8/2016

Communication of Acceptance of abstract: 15/9/2016

Receipt of Full Text: 31/10/2016

Participation: Practising Engineers and Technocrats , Law Experts, Technical Arbitrators, Law Colleges and Universities, Law companies, NGOs, Consulting Consortiums, Private Enterprises, Agencies and Contractors, Construction Industries, Architects, Planners, Valuers and all other Companies and Agencies connected and concerned with Arbitration, Law Students, Judges, Lawyers, Govt. Officials, Company Officials connected to the Law & Practice of Arbitration.

Souvenir cum Publication & Advertisement: All the lectures delivered in the Seminar shall be published in a Souvenir to commemorate this occasion. The volume of publication is expected to be delivered to the Delegates participating in the Seminar. The Organising committee shall accept advertisement from interested organisation / individuals for insertion in the souvenir.

For more information iita-brochure_ctp

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