Arbitratio is a research network initiative by and for students having curiosity and interest in the arena of  Arbitration. We are looking forward to create a world wide network of dedicated researchers to work on the various legal and managerial nuances of  Arbitration.
We invite applications from all law students from third, fourth and fifth years of the five year law course and second and third year of the three year law course to become  part of our editorial board and a research team. Students pursuing LLM or any equivalent legal degree are also welcomed.
Following positions are open :
1. Editor-in-Chief
2. Deputy Editor( 3 positions)
3. Associate Editor (3 positions)
4. Technical Editor ( 2 positions)
5. Research Associate
Arbitratio is initiating three parallel research projects with a team of five research associates in each team. The ‘project’ commences from 28.10.2016 and is expected to complete within three months.The project will involve rigorous research on the topics which will be disclosed only to the members after a selection process is complete. Research projects will be put up on the website and due credits will be awarded. Selection will be subject to the discretion of the core committee members and may involve  a telephonic interview.
All the applicants are expected to have a basic knowledge on the subject and should be compatible working on Microsoft Word with good drafting skills. Technical Editors are expected to know social media handling and blog maintenance.
We assure a certificate of appreciation for the team and an opportunity to interact with the various luminaries and students from law schools across the world.
Each person will receive a distinct mention on our website for the efforts they put in.Interested students can apply by filling up the google form attached herein.
Last date for applying is 25.10.2016.
For any further queries, write to us on

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