The International Journal of Human Rights invites submissions for its special issue on The notion of maternal immunity in tort for pre-natal harms causing permanent disability for the born alive child: Human Rights Controversies.
Papers for the special issue should focus on the human rights implications for both mother and born alive child of the grant or absence of a grant of maternal immunity for negligent cause of prenatal injury that results in permanent disability for the born alive child.

Papers should focus as the central theme on the issue of the grant or lack of grant of legal capacity/standing of the born alive child in such cases and not on the question of whether a fetus should be recognized in law as a person. However the implications for fetal rights of recognizing or failing to recognize the born alive child’s legal capacity to sue the mother in tort for permanent disabilities to the born alive child caused by the mother due to harms negligently inflicted pre-natally can be considered. 

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