Call for book chapters/ Edited book: GENDER AND FAMILY ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Call for book chapters/ Edited book:

To be published by Routledge 2017 Vanessa Ratten, Veland Ramadani, Leo-Paul Dana, Robert Hisrich and Joao Ferreira

Submission deadlines (Chapter proposal, 2-3 pages): January 15, 2017

Authors are invited to submit a book chapter proposal on either GENDER ENTREPRENEURSHIP or FAMILY ENTREPRENEURSHIP

for an edited book to be published by Routledge

This edited book will focus on gender and family entrepreneurship. There has been an increasing focus on the role of gender in business because of associated personality and behavioral traits. This has meant that the study of gender entrepreneurship has encouraged research about the way females and males may approach differently the process of business creation. In conjunction with the growing interest in gender entrepreneurship has been the literature about family entrepreneurship increasing in significance. Family business comprises a large proportion of overall total businesses and many large multinationals once started as family owned organizations. Many family business are small and regionally focused but this has changed with the increased usage of technological innovations. In addition, more media attention has been placed on the role of family businesses in society as being the originators of ideas and creativity. The aim of this edited research book is to focus both on gender and family entrepreneurship as they are interrelated concepts particularly important in today’s global society. It is important to include both gender and family entrepreneurship as gender plays a role in the development and growth of family businesses. This helps to better understand the role of family dynamics in business particularly in terms of succession planning, strategic development and internationalization. Often both gender and family entrepreneurship are studied independently but the role of this edited book is to combine both perspectives by offering a novel approach. This creates a synergy between gender and family entrepreneurship that increases the potential value to entrepreneurship scholarship, policy and business practice. This edited book will be one of the first to combine both gender and family entrepreneurship thereby offering a new and insightful addition to the entrepreneurship field.

Please send book chapter proposals to any of the editors:

Vanessa Ratten; Veland Ramadani; Leo Paul Dana; Robert Hisrich; João Ferreira

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