Call for paper : Legal Information Review

The Legal Information Review encourages submissions of applied or theoretical work on the intersection of law, librarianship, and legal information, including:

  • the theoretical framework for teaching legal research (issues such as information literacy theory, adult learning theory, network theory, or other educational, social science, or psychology theories);
  • information retrieval (both manual and automated systems such as artificial intelligence and law);
  • law and policy (issues such as privacy, copyright, and security);
  • information access issues (such as making legal and government information more accessible to the public, both physically and intellectually); and
  • practice issues (analyses or applications which help lawyers in their day-to-day operations).

Legal Information Review encourages manuscripts with links to author produced videos, PowerPoints, or other media.

Articles will be published online as they are completed, and will be cumulated yearly at the end of June into a print and online volume.

Manuscripts: Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor-in-chief, Susan Nevelow Mart, Associate Professor and Director of the Law Library, at All manuscripts must be original work, not published elsewhere or under submission for publication elsewhere. The author is responsible for obtaining permission to use copyrighted work, and submission to Legal Information Review is a certification that the author has obtained permissions.

The editor will notify the author when the manuscript has been received, and let the author know when an editorial decision might be made. After the article has been accepted, if revisions are required, author will make revisions promptly. The author(s) will also receive a clean copy of the manuscript before it is sent to the printer, and the author shall proofread, revise and return that version within fifteen days.

Blind, Peer-Review Guidelines: Author identities are concealed from the reviewers throughout the review process. To facilitate this, authors need to ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity. To help with this preparation please ensure the following when submitting to Legal Information Review: submit a Title Page containing the author details and a Blinded Manuscript with no author details as two separate files.

The Title Page should include the title, authors’ names and affiliations, and a complete address for the corresponding author including telephone and e-mail address.

Please take the following steps to ensure that details in the Blinded Manuscript do not give away the author’s identity:

  • Make sure figures do not contain any affiliation related identifier
  • Do not eliminate essential self-references or other references but limit self-references only
    to papers that are relevant for those reviewing the submitted paper.
  • When citing published by the author, use: ‘[Anonymous 2007] Details omitted for blind
  • Do not include acknowledgments
  • Name your files with care and ensure document properties are also anonymized.

Style: Please follow the current version of The Bluebook (20th ed. 2015). Each article should have an abstract. The text should be double-spaced with 1.5 inch margins on each side. Use block quotes for quotations of more than 50 words, and in text quotation marks for quotes of less than 50 words.

Please submit graphs, tables, illustrations, and appendices as separate files. Please indicate placement for tables, graphs and illustration in the text by noting, e.g., [insert Table 1] and make sure graphs, tables, and illustrations are appropriately titled and numbered.

Color illustrations will be full color in the online version at no cost to the author. The print publication will use black and white illustrations unless the author is willing to pay for the cost of color printing.

Reprints: Each author will receive ten preprint copies of accepted articles.

Submit manuscripts to Susan Nevelow Mart, at susan.nevelow.mart[@]

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