1st IJLMS Judgment Writing Competition


About the Competition
International Journal of Law & Management Studies is organizing the 1st IJLMS Judgment Writing Competition in the month December 2016 – January 2017 in association with RostrumLegal as E-Knowledge Partner and Foundation for Democratic Reforms as Knowledge Partner. The competition is in its entirety online and we invite law students to participate in it.

1st International Journal of Law & Management Studies Judgment Writing Competition 2016 is a venture of the journal to explore into the area of legal education to increase and promote qualitative legal research by looking at practical aspects of implementation of laws studied by law students. The Judgment Writing Competition looks at a broad aspect of how laws learnt about in classrooms are actually put to effect and implemented in courtrooms where facts play a crucial role and law is applied to these facts to set binding legal precedents and pave way for judge-made law. This competition seeks to capture the spirit of judges and decision-making from young law students aspiring to join the esteemed Judicial Services and also is a small effort to infuse the vital role that judgments play in a society, especially when Judicial Activism is on such a rise and is paving way in India.

The competition shall have two rounds. The first round shall be a written judgment submission on the Proposition that is uploaded on the website. (Link: http://www.ijlms.in/jwc/compro mis.pdf) The Judgment is to be emailed by the participating teams by December 26, 2016 and a hard-copy of the same is to be sent through Mail/Courier by January 1st. The details of the second round of the competition shall only be announced after the results of the first round of the competition.

1. Proposition is available at http://www.ijlms.in/jwc/compromis.pdf
2. Rules are available at http://www.ijlms.in/jwc/rules-final.pdf
3. Provisional Registration Form is available at http://www.ijlms.in/jwcprovisional

Any team comprising of not more than two students can participate in the competition. The two students can also hail from two different law schools. The Registration Fee is Rs. 500/- (Five Hundred Rupees) and is payable only after confirmation of participation by the Organizing Committee. The last date for Registration is December 20, 2016.

All interested students are requested to fill the Provisional Registration Form within 48 hours of which we shall respond through email and confirm your registration.

Tentative Schedule

1. November 25, 2016: Commencement of Registration & Release of Proposition
2. December 20, 2016: Last Date for Registration & Payment of Registration Fee
3. December 26, 2016: Last Date for Submission of Judgments (Soft Copy) Round I
4. January 02, 2017: Last Date for Receiving Judgments (Hard Copy) Round I
5. January 06, 2017: Declaration of Results for Round I
6. January 09, 2017: Last Date for Submission of Judgments (Soft Copy) Round II
7. January 16, 2017: Declaration of Results – Final Results

Contact Us at
For any queries, all participants are welcome to reach us either through email or WhatsApp. You may email us at jwc@ijlms.in and contact us at +91-8074712527

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