About the Course

Maritime Law is a unique branch of law with respect to its nature and practices. The need and significance of the Certificate Course on International Maritime Law can be recognized due to increased globalizations and commercialization of the trade practices of shipping industries. The Maritime Law is of practical use, for persons who are engaged in to the maritime industries such as Ship-owners, Seafarers, Cargo owners, Charterers, Shipping Companies, Maritime Ports Officers, Maritime Board Officers, Maritime Safety and Security personnel. It has equal importance for the academicians, doctorates, research scholars, legal practitioners and students of the law, who all are interested in International Law and Maritime Law.


The Certificate Course on International Maritime Law is a unique program offered by Gujarat National Law University in India under the auspices of GNLU-Gujarat Maritime Board Chair in Maritime Law and Practices. The classes will be conducted by resources persons specialized in Maritime Law and having teaching and research expertise in Maritime Law.

The course is designed by the experts keeping in mind the importance and applications of Maritime Law in shipping sector.

The course enhances the knowledge of the professional’s competency. The course is expected to be useful for the participants, who have not only legal backgrounds, but also for the people who are directly or indirectly involved in maritime profession as well.


The Course structure is designed to equip the candidates with the general awareness of Shipping and Maritime Law in particular the regulatory mechanism involved in maritime policies and practices.


  • To disseminate the knowledge of Maritime Law.
  • To explain the fundamental legislations of Maritime Law.
  • To trace the concepts of Maritime Courts and their jurisdictions.
  • To highlight the maritime claims, rights and duties of the maritime entities.
  • To discuss the risks and contracts related to maritime activities.
  • To describe the maritime disputes and its settlement mechanism under Maritime Law.
  • To explore the concept of maritime liability and its limitations


  • Lecture Methods (including video lectures)
  • Workshop, Seminar and Documentary
  • Case Analysis
  • Class-room Participation and
  • Group Discussions

For any query or clarification please write to:

Course Coordinator, Mr. Chhote Lal Yadav, Assistant Professor of Law (GNLU-Gujarat Maritime Board Chair in Maritime Law and Practices) Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar Atalika Avenue, Knowledge Corridor, Koba – Gandhinagar 382 007 (Gujarat) Email: cyadav@gnlu.ac.in Contact no. +91 8511188723, +91 9962442355

For more information, click here information-brochure_cciml


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