National Seminar: Rights-based Development and Good Governance Practices in India organized by Department of Political Science Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Concept Note

The development process entails structural transformation of a society from an agriculture based traditional society to an industry and services based modern one. Development manifests itself in different forms or dimensions: Economic Growth, Human Development, Capabilities and Freedom, Sustainable Development, Happiness etc. Development or Modernization, it is argued, also leads to growth of democracy and transformation of the social structure of a society leading to the emergence of expanding middle class thereby reducing inequality and creating widespread prosperity and social well-being.

Human rights are the rights or entitlements which human beings enjoy by virtue of being human. Rights-based Development suggests that Rights/Entitlements and Development are the two sides of the same coin of social change. Moreover, Development in the contemporary times is a Right, not charity. Good Governance marks a paradigm shift in the nature of government and the relationship between the government and society. Market-led growth with a minimal state is the essential feature of Good Governance.It seeks to promote Rule of Law, Transparency and Accountability, Private Initiative, civil society/NGO participation, Citizen Charters and decentralized governance etc with a strong regime of property rights.

The cornerstone of the development process in India is to achieve development through democracy. It means in principle that the outcomes of development efforts are subject to the pressures and demands of the electoral politics. It is in this context that citizen entitlements through effective public service delivery mechanisms become key instruments through which social transformation can be achieved. In the last two and half decades, the Growth process in new India has generated lot of aspirations and expectations but the results have so far been mixed where extreme poverty exists amid plenty.

In the context of the above mentioned note, the proposed National Seminar seeks to explore the following themes:

1. Theoretical aspects of Rights-based Development, Good Governance and Citizen Entitlements

2. Decentralization, Local Governance and Participation

3. Right to Education, Employment and Food Security

4. Public Health and social welfare/social security schemes

5. E-Governance, Digitization and RTI

6. Social Exclusion and Inclusion of Marginalized Groups (Women, Minorities, ST/SC/OBCs).

Papers are called for on the above mentioned themes.The following are the important dates of the seminar:

 Last Date for submission of Abstract———–25th January 2017

 Selection of Abstracts and confirmation by E-mail——-1st February 2017

 Submission of Full Papers (soft copy)—————-20th February 2017

The abstract (not more than 150 words) and full papers (not less than 4000 words) should be sent to the following email ID: Limited accommodation will be provided to the outstation participants. Travelling Allowance will be provided to the paper presenters only in the following manner: Second A.C Railway fare for faculty members and Third A.C Railway fare for Research Scholars/Students. Selected papers of the seminar will be published in an edited book form.

Contact details:

Dr.S.R.T.P.Sugunakara Raju

Organizing Secretary


For more details, click here seminar_ps_conceptnote_2017march1_2

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