This PG Diploma Course aims to offer a comprehensive coverage of laws, policy on consumer protection and consumer concerns in the era of globalization in the context of India. It will cover international development on consumer law, common law, different statutory laws and regulatory authorities dealing with the subject of consumer protection in India. Consumer Protection Act will be discussed in great details including the jurisprudence developed by Supreme Court of India and National Commission. Moreover the courses will also introduce to the participants to the emerging issues in consumer law e.g. ‘unfair and anti-competitive rules’; ‘false and mis-leading advertisements’, ‘on-line consumer protection’, ‘food safety’, ‘ADR’, ‘investor education’ etc.

The course will be offered in academic year 2017 and will be taught in ‘Distance Education Mode”. The PG Diploma course will be spread over two semesters and there will be 30 hours of contact classes in every semester. Contact classes will be scheduled in the month of April and August of the academic year for a week and exams will be conducted in June and December over the First weekend. Results will be published in July and December..

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