One Day National Workshop Law and Management of Electronic Waste in India Issues & Challenges

Date :27th January, 2017

Venue: International Training Centre, NLSIU


Aim and Purpose of the Workshop:

To Draft a comprehensive Law manual for stakeholders, administrators and Policymakers dealing with e-waste.

Concept Note:

Waste Management, especially e-waste is now seen as part of the comprehensive global concern for sustainability. Waste management is also seen as an issue of good governance, which is supposed to be comprised of transparency, effectiveness, openness, responsiveness and accountability. The MoEF has notified the new E-waste Rules of 2016 with an attempt for stricter enforcement and imposing penalty. Yet, the challenges of management and handling of e-waste continues.

The workshop attempts to:

1. Acquaint with the current development of law and emerging trends in the field of e-waste.

2. to study, scrutinize and critique the existing systems of law and governance at domestic level

3. to identify gaps in the translation and legal application of prevention, precaution, recycle and reuse.

4. to make policy intervention to strengthen legal and enforcement capacities of law makers and enforcers, to enable and facilitate compliance with regulation

5. to contribute to the jurisprudence of the subject.



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