‘Tasveer’@ 3rd National Cultural- cum- Sports fest –VIBES’17, Institute of Law, Nirma University

Main theme- Travel…
A. मुसाफ़िर’-
The theme attracts photography of a level of creativity and art, where the photograph will not merely be a picture but a narrative of what the person felt during his travelling. What all did he explored as a traveler, what mesmerized him as a traveler.
The picture must be accompanied with a caption (one line or a poetry, as per the creativity. But it is to be noted that the caption must be able to justify and relate itself with the photograph). 
B. ‘इक शहर कुछ ऐसा भी’-
This theme includes the narratives of a city (your hometown/ or any other city). The photograph may summarize the life in the city (of which you have clicked the photograph.  This too is wide category as a lot is there in every city in India, the communal diversity, nature, Rivers, beaches, lanes, monuments, heritage, architecture etc. The photograph must be accompanied along with a caption (or poetry) and the caption (or poetry) must be relatable to that photograph. The photograph would be judged on the basis of the Creativity & Art (Subjective) and the quality of the photos (Objective)
C. ‘’मेरा नजरिया  @अहमदाबाद’-
This is a specific theme dedicated to the Host city, Ahmedabad. Anyone who has visited the city or lives here may post his/her idea of the city. This Category is specially made for all the shutterbugs in Ahmedabad (and we know that there a plenty of such creative people in the city!).
It must be noted that a participant may send his/her entry based on the main theme of ‘Travel’ or any of the sub categories.
Additionally, Top 20 entries will be put on exhibition. A prior registration is required for those who are willing to present their photos for the exhibition (within the campus of Nirma University, Ahmedabad) after registering on the website of Vibes 3.0 and paying a fee of 200/per person (without accommodation) and 1700 (with accommodation 3 days, including the registration fee of Rs. 200)
**The online entries are free of cost and no registration is required for the same. Registration is required for those who are willing to put their photos on exhibition. 
**Last entry shall be accepted till 11:59pm on the 30th day of January 2017**
**Entries from both, Mobile phone camera or a Digital Camera/DSLR is allowed**
For more details contact:
1. Abhishek Srivastava-  +91 9 724480226
2. Bhanu Pratap Singh- +91 756 7119333
Siddharth Jain

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