ProBono India: Call for Interns & Campus Ambassadors

About ProBono India

We cannot imagine a society without law/rules/regulations. There are various problems in the society and to handle those situations effectively we need proper laws. Law plays very crucial role in social transformation in any country. Looking at various problems in the society, many laws have been enacted to cope up with the variety of situations. There are various laws but many are not aware about those. To address this situation, we need legal awareness activities in the society. On the other side, there are some marginalized people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer for legal advice or filing a case. Legal Aid service is needed to serve these kind of people. Many institutions/organizations have been set up which are engaged in various legal aid/awareness activities, some of these activities are highlighted in different way through different mediums but some don’t come into the limelight.

Looking at these situations ProBono India has been established. ProBono India is mentored by N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore




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