Call for Papers: South Asian Law Review Journal [Vol 3], Submit by 10th Feb, 2017


CCI South Asian Law Review Journal (SALRJ) is an annual law e-journal brought to you by Creative Connect International Publisher Group with an aim to provide an avenue for the expression of views of people belonging to the field of law. The Journal has acquired the distinction of being a premier legal periodical from the Third World and is circulated all over the world. It publishes well-researched articles/papers, research notes and comments, current developments and Judgments of the Supreme Court of India on matters of international law.

It is open for all students and academicians to submit an article for the journal. It channelizes this expression of the person who has something to express irrespective of the fact that what the CV of that person says, which is given a very high value and everybody is in a rat race to build it. It provides a platform to people who have something to express for the welfare of the community at large.

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