Position: One full-time Clinical Psychologist as Associate (Research) on contract to work with the Centre on the Death Penalty (‘Centre’) on the Mental Health Research Project.

About the Centre: The Centre is established under the aegis of the National Law University Delhi and was set up in August 2014 to undertake litigation, research and engage with stakeholders on issues related to the death penalty. The aim of the research we undertake is to generate information, through empirical and doctrinal studies, on issues affecting prisoners sentenced to death in India, analyse the developing jurisprudence on the death penalty in India and other jurisdictions, and undertake comparative research to add to the current understanding and debate around the death penalty.

The Mental Health Research Project: The Centre, in collaboration with two professors of Psychiatry, Dr. Pratima Murthy, and Dr. Sanjeev Jain and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Gitanjali Narayanan at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore (NIMHANS) seeks to inquire into the mental health status of prisoners sentenced to death in India. The study has an empirical as well as a descriptive component to it. Under the Project prisoners sentenced to death in India, who are at different stages of the judicial process, will be interviewed. As part of the Project, mental health professionals and researchers from the Centre will conduct interviews with prisoners sentenced to death as well as their families, provided they consent to be part of the Project. At the conclusion of the Project, a report will be published with an analysis of the findings and observations. The Project will require travelling to different prisons to interview prisoners sentenced to death and to different parts of the country to interview families of the prisoners. This Project seeks to build on the Death Penalty India Report (May 2016) that looked at the socioeconomic profile of India’s death row prisoners and mapped their interaction with the criminal justice system.


  1. Conduct psychometric assessments with prisoners sentenced to death in India.
  2. Conduct in-depth qualitative interviews with the prisoners to assess their mental health statuses.
  3. Conduct interviews with the families of prisoners sentenced to death.
  4. Contribute in collating and analysing findings of the interviews.
  5. Engage with the department of prisons and prison officials in various states.
  6. Engage and coordinate with functionaries in the central and state governments.
  7. Any other work that may be necessary to further the aims of the Centre.


  1. Candidates with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology/ M.Phil in Clinical Psychology would be preferred. Candidates currently enrolled in such programmes are also encouraged to apply.
  2. Prior experience of conducting psychometric assessment and intellectual assessments in particular is essential.
  3. Prior experience in conducting Mental Status Examination (MSE), clinical interviews and case histories is essential.
  4. Sufficient proficiency to conduct the above mentioned assessments and interviews in Hindi OR Marathi is essential.
  5. Prior experience of conducting qualitative research and familiarity with data analysis software (Atlas-ti/ N-vivo/SPSS) would be an advantage.
  6. Knowledge of the prison system or work with prisoners would be desirable.

Compensation: Salary will be in the range of Rs. 55, 000 – 60,000 per month for an year. A higher salary can also be negotiated commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Application Process: Interested persons may send their resume and a Statement of Purpose, explaining their interest in the Mental Health Research Project, and how they would approach it, especially the interviews conducted with prisoners. The Statement of Purpose must not exceed 500 words.

Email: Please send your resume and Statement of Purpose to the Registrar ( with a copy marked to The subject of the e-mail should be “Centre on the Death Penalty – Application for Associate (Research)”. The cover letter must state (Attn: Director, Centre on the Death Penalty.)


 Post/Courier: The post address is “Registrar, National Law University Delhi, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078”. The envelope must have super scribed on it, “Centre on the Death Penalty – Application for Associate (Research)” and addressed to the Registrar, National Law University Delhi. The cover letter must state (Attn: Director, Centre on the Death Penalty.)

Deadline: The call will be open until February 18th, 2017. The interview dates will be informed to the shortlisted candidates by mail. This call may be kept open beyond that date if suitable candidates are not found.


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