Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law – LLM

  • 1.5 year (3 Semester) LLM English-language program
  • integrated coverage of international human rights and humanitarian law providing in-depth understanding of individual protection as the basis of democratic, stable and just governance in peacetime and during armed conflict
  • responds to important developments in international politics, security, terrorism, armed conflict and peace-keeping
  • a comprehensive curriculum gives attention to academic abilities including research and reporting and to practical skills especially through internships in international and national organisations
  • international teaching faculty of human rights and humanitarian law experts
  • small group study in an internationally diverse student body
  • prepares for a big range of international and national careers
  • distance learning with 8 weeks of lectures/seminars (presence learning) in Frankfurt (Oder) in first and second semester
  • admission open to graduates in law or equivalent
  • scholarships may be available from the DAAD
  • graduate study at a top German university located at Frankfurt (Oder) in the centre of Europe at the German-Polish border, near Berlin, the German capital
  • Diploma and Certificate qualifications are also available for shorter periods of coursework study.

Deadline for winter semester 2017/18: 15th of June 2017


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