Call for Proposals for Special Thematic Issues: Business and Human Rights Journal



The Business and Human Rights Journal (BHRJ) welcomes proposals for special thematic issues – a collection of articles focused on a specific theme, issue or major event in the broad field of business and human rights.

If accepted, a thematic proposal may comprise an entire issue of the BHRJ, or a significant segment of an issue, alongside other articles. Thematic special issues may include scholarly articles, developments in the field (DiF) pieces, or a combination of both types of writings. BHRJ aims to publish its first special thematic issue in January 2019. BHRJ will accept proposals for a special issue on a rolling basis. However, the deadline for proposals for the first special thematic issue is 28 February 2017. Special issues allow for the publication of thematic collections of articles and/or DiF pieces curated by one or more Guest Editors (GEs). The BHRJ is interested in proposals that contemplate closely-connected papers, accompanied by a substantive introduction written by the GEs. Special issues should normally include 4 to 6 scholarly articles of no more than 12,000 words per article, inclusive of notes, abstract, title and appendices. For DiF pieces, a special issue should typically include 5 to 7 pieces of 1,500-3,000 words each. In identifying potential authors, diversity of gender, regions and disciplines should be kept in mind.

Proposals for a special issue should include the following information:

1. A proposed title for the special issue;

2. A one-page description of the focus of the special issue;

3. A brief description of why (i) the special issue is a good fit for BHRJ, its mandate, and readership; (ii) the topic or theme is timely; (iii) and how the proposed issue is original and further advances the scholarly debate and knowledge around a particular topic;

4. A brief biography of the GEs;

5. A list of the anticipated contributors, the titles of their articles, and a brief abstract (if available); OR an explanation of how the GEs will seek contributors via an open call for papers;

6. A proposed timeline for production; and

7. An indication of available financial or other support, if any, to assist the GEs with the editing and preparation of manuscripts. All proposals will be reviewed by the BHRJ Editors-in-Chief (EICs) and their decision shall be final. If necessary, the EICs may suggest modifications to the proposed topic, recommend possible authors or may request that the GEs identify additional authors from diverse geographies. All scholarly articles in a special issue will be subject to the normal peer review process. After peer review, GEs will be responsible for editing all articles prior to their submission to Cambridge University Press for copy editing and publication.

If anyone has any questions regarding preparing a special issue proposal or details about the submission process, please contact the BHRJ EICs:












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