Department of Political Science, Kumaun University, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India is going to  organize a National Seminar on CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES BEFORE INDIA’S FOREIGN POLICY: ISSUES AND FUTURISTIC VISION on 28-29th March, 2017.

Foreign Policy is a dynamic concept of international politics. No country can afford to ignore the  developments taking place in the realm of international politics as the external milieu greatly  impinges upon the conduct of foreign policy. Therefore, for successful analysis and appraisal of  foreign policy of a nation it is quite essential to address the dimensions of continuity and change  from the point of view of national interest. It helps understand not only the issues and challenges  before the foreign policy rather it explains the status and direction of a country’s foreign policy too in the community nations.  
It is against this backdrop of changing dynamics of India’s foreign policy this proposed National Seminar aims at  deliberating different dimensions of India’s foreign policy in contemporary international  relations.  


 The following sub-themes are to be deliberated during this seminar. 

 1. Conceptual framework of India’s Foreign Policy. 

 2. Determinants of Indian Foreign Policy. 

3. India’s Policy towards her neighbors. 

4. India and China in contemporary world.  

5. India and Japan. 

6. India and European Union. 

7. India and West Asia. 

8. India and U.S.A. 

9. India and Russia. 

10. India and South East Asia. 

11. India and Central Asia. 

12. India and Indian Ocean. 

13. India in Asia Pacific. 

14. Contemporary challenges and Policy options.  

15. India’s Nuclear Policy. 

16. India’s Economic Diplomacy. 

17. Domestic factors in India’s Foreign Policy.  

18. Sri. Narendra Modi’s Diplomatic Style and Policy Dividends. 

 19. India and United States. 

20. Indian Diaspora and Indian Foreign Policy.  

21. India and other Regional organizations. 


 All resource persons, delegates and participants are  requested to send the abstract of their paper by 15th March 2017 and e-mail Full Paper  by 22 March 2017. Please strictly adhere to these deadlines after these dates no entry  will be entertained. 


 Delegates without accommodation= Rs.600.   

Delegates with moderate accommodation= Rs.1200   

Local sight visit may be arranged on request. 

For more details CLICK HERE

Author: Aakash Chaturvedi

Assistant Director Research & Development at The Knowledge Steez

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